Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Little Pumpkin Patch Action

We ventured to Spooner's today for a little pumpkin patch fun.  As always, we were very fortunate to have my parents come and spend the morning with us.  We love them.  The weather was beautiful...crisp and sunny.  After we found the perfect pumpkins (which I gotta say, totally forgot to take a picture of the pumpkins we purchased...another day I guess!), we headed to the Comfort Food Cafe in downtown Puyallup for a delicious and satisfying lunch.  While there, Cooper busted out in a dance party at the table and wasn't satisfied until we all joined in.  My favorite moment was watching him snap.  Boy can he snap...not necessarily three in a Z formation or anything, but great snaps nonetheless.  What a great day!

Getting ready for the pumpkin sling shot.

Pull it back, let it loose, and watch it zoom past the target.  Darn.

Fresh, hot, mini donuts.  Enough said on that one.

Cooper ran to the ponies.  He was excited for a ride.  We weren't sure if he was 
going to freak out or love it. I think we got a genuine like.  Maybe more fascination...
especially when the one behind us pooped and the stench wafted up to us in seconds.

So many beautiful pumpkins.

Cooper just loved knocking all the pumpkins down.

This is the one Mom!

It makes a great seat.  Whew, picking out pumpkins is hard work!

If you build it, they will come.  Seriously, in droves.  And they will 
pay ridiculous large sums to enter it, get lost, and find their way out again.

Such a strong little man.

Blessings on your fall days,

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  1. Aww...he is so cute! These pictures are great, by the way. :)


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