Friday, October 15, 2010

A Little Fall of...Fall!

That was a little Les Miserable reference for any of you Les Mis lovers out there...and especially for my hubbs.  We LOVE this musical.  Go see it.  Run, don't walk to buy tickets if it comes to a town near you!  (Ahem, ahem...cough, my Les Mis soapbox and horn tootin'.)

I got these beautiful mums at Costco the other day.  It's about time I busted out some flowers up in this joint.  When the vases go dry, my heart starts to skip a beat.  I guess I have been a little behind on the fall decorating bandwagon this year.  Can you believe that?!  Fall is my absolute favorite season.  How dare I!  Well, we've just been busy with the random fun of life.  What can I say?!  When choosing THE RANDOM FUN OF LIFE or DECORATING for fall (or let's be honest...SLEEP)...I choose THE RANDOM FUN OF LIFE (or SLEEP!).  Don't you?

So, I thought it was time to show just a quick peek at the little fall I brought to the kitchen table this year (which is a future project of mine...time to do it + stain + new fabric = new table and chairs for us soon).  Also, since turning our dining room into a play room (still working on finishing this up), I don't have as much counter and table space for fun tablescapes and decor as I used to.  Also, because our house is somewhat small cozy, I opt not to overwhelm the space with "stuff" and themey/crafty decor so as not to have too much of a busy and crowded feeling.  I always like the eye (well my eyes at least) to have places to rest throughout the house.  With that said, I thought I would just take advantage of the things and space I do have to welcome fall in a visible way, leaving the option to change it up as often as I'd like.

I whipped up a quick little tablescape the other day.  I was so pleased to find and buy a basil plant at the produce a plastic bag.  What?!  You just take it home and add a little water each day, and voila...fresh basil.  Thank goodness!  Beautiful and smells so delicious.  The basil I planted outside never really grew that well.  Bummer d.  D is for dude in case that wasn't clear.  What's great about this basil plant is that with all the spaghetti sauce I am going to be making and freezing for yummy goodness this fall and winter, the basil will be readily available...and not come from a plastic container covered in brown/black spots.  Yahoo!

I have a huge vase/hurricane from Pottery Barn that I just love and use every day, all year through.  It is usually  housing a vanilla candle with smooth, neutral colored river rocks (that I bought at the dollar store years ago) and is placed wherever we need a dose of table, buffet, upstairs hallway dresser.  You name it, it's visited the location in our house.  I added a little fall by topping off the rocks with some Pottery Barn acorns I got as a gift one Christmas.  There are so many options for fillers out there these days.  Target has some pretty rocking filler to choose from from what I've seen.  Pretty cheaply reasonably priced too!  Can't wait to bust out my cranberries for Christmas.  The metal leaves have been around this house for ages.  I used to hang them on the wall in the kitchen.  I think I like them better on the table.

Sidenote: When paired with the glass hurricane, the clear vase was adequate for the basil.  But I think I like the basil in this container better...just for its pure, simple goodness.  (By the way, got this vase at Value Village for $5.  A little pricey for V.V., but I loved it enough to splurge a little.)

For the record, I have already rearranged my table and counter spaces multiple times since taking these pictures.  Mums in vases, fruit eaten, rearranged kitchen counters, thriftstore finds and additions to the decor.  Oh the joy of fall decorating.  I love it.  For someone who changes their mind so often or can't ever make up their mind at all (who me?), I love being able to try it all...never feeling like I have to stick to any idea too permanently.  Phew!  And to be honest, the thought of using what I have to get creative and make a space in my home feel new and fresh brings me joy...way more joy than an expensive piece of "stuff" for sure.  I know, a few splurges are indeed fun (and by splurge I mean...thriftstore treasures), but with a good dose of creativity and all the inability to make up my mind and decide on something possibilities running through my head, using what I have with minor splurges seems to be the absolute best way to go right now.

Just for fun...this is the before of the glass pumpkin I busted out and filled with Kit Kats (one of our FAVORITES!).

And...this is the after...after Brian asked me to hide the Kit Kats (as you can see the supply had already dwindled very quickly).

Anyhoo, in doing a little fall decorating, I can't help but get stoked to decorate for Christmas this year.  Fall may be my favorite season, but Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday.  Although, I still don't have lots of tabletops and counters for space, but I have some fun new ideas that I can't wait to try.  Stay tuned...

Isn't it though?  Hallelujah Lord.  I am blessed.

Headed to the pumpkin patch this weekend.  Wonder what pumpkins have our names written all over them?!


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  1. Hi there! i am your newest follower from the weekend linky!!! I love finding new blogs and yours is lovely!! You can find me at

    Beautiful flowers! Your son is very cute

  2. Holly! I just want to say that I really love your blog. You are such an uplifting person, I remember that about you from college, too. I love your positive attitude and the "hallelujahs" that you share. It's a breath of fresh air and a good reminder to me to look at life a little more positively.

    I love getting my home cozied up for the seasons/holidays, too. Love the decorating that you did, cute!


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