Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We were fortunate enough to spend the evening with a very special and curious little monkey this Halloween!  The three of us bundled up (well Brian wore shorts...?!) and headed out to take Coop trick or treating in our neighborhood (really just down our street).  When we returned home, we turned on our porch light and had fun handing out candy to some other people's children.  Gotta love seeing all the costumes that come to the door.  Cooper loved being nosy, peeking his head around our legs, staring people down making sure they were not some crazy weirdos invading our home.  He got a bit nervous with some of the scary masks that came by, but handled it like a seasoned professional when we told him that it was all pretend and just for fun.  

I read an article (you can read it HERE) on, a website that our pastor recommended to us, in regard to Halloween and was so glad I did.  I found it to be a great encouragement in celebrating now that we have our son along for the ride.  How do you "light your candle" on Halloween?  We read Cooper's Bible with him and talked about Jesus.  He loves saying the name, Jesus.  :)

Hope your Halloween Sunday was a lovely one.  I'm adding a few photos from our evening.  Enjoy!

Of course he wanted to trick or treat at our house first.

Walking down our street.

Waiting until the crowd of kids at the door left 
so that Curious George wouldn't get trampled.

When his treat bag got heavy, he would hand it to us!

Of course, he loved the flashlight we brought.  

Although you probably can't tell, he is shining that flashlight all over the place as we 
walked.  We are still working on not shining it in people's eyes (well mine at least!).

Enjoying some of the fruit of his labor.

* * * * *
After his sucker, Cooper got a little picture happy with the camera.  He was 
going all over the house taking pictures and having a blast.  He's got quite the eye, 
all the while, saying cheese.  We love our little photographer.  Enjoy.

The feet of his costume didn't quite make it home in one piece.

Boots off before getting on the couch.  

Almost gone.

Self portrait.

Ummm...he managed to take a picture of the most random 
trick or treaters...bare feet?  Where's your mother miss?

His car.

His lawnmower, Bible, and Daddy.


All gone.  Goodnight!

Blessings to you and yours,

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