Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feeling Thrifty: Value Village Toy Report

I just love the word thrifty. Sounds so much like nifty, and who doesn't want to be nifty?! As a child, I remember shopping at Value Village all the time with my mom.  The three of us (my sister would tag along in the stroller) would walk there from our house (just a short walk of a few blocks), and we would go on the hunt for great deals.  Clothing, toys, jackets, little items for the house...we just never knew what we would find.   It all seemed so normal.  Anyhow, I have such fond memories of these adventures, so it was about time I headed back there. 

As a parent, I think second hand stores are such an under utilized resource these days.  Everyone is out for the newest, best, biggest, and most tricked out version of whatever it is they want their child to have.  We were so blessed by our family with Cooper's arrival and subsequent birthday and Christmas gifts and haven't really hurt for much.  (B and I both agreed when we were pregnant with C, we would not go overboard with toys and gifts and clothes.  It's an easy thing to do as a new parent...have you seen the toy isles, the ads, the commercials...?  So much, so fun, so awesome, so not needed.  We are purposefully trying to live simply.)  Now that C is almost two (Eeeeek!!!), his curiosity and need to be challenged is ever evolving, and I am so thankful (and so is my wallet) to turn to these types of stores for perfectly wonderful resources and treasures to entertain my little man. 

After rekindling my friendship with Value Village this past weekend, I wanted to share a few of the toys I found.  My mom and I were so pumped with our finds, we were almost giggling at the great stuff we were finding.  I even had to put back three or four items because I was drawn to so many.  Our cart was bursting at the seems.  (My philosophy is to snag it, put it in the cart, and mull it over as I peruse.  If you are not completely sold by the time you head to the register, put it back.  No harm.  No foul.) 
Not pictured above is an amazing metal Tonka Dump Truck similar to the one pictured HERE.  The few stickers on it are just the slightest bit worn, but it is in otherwise perfect condition.  Seeing as to how THIS plastic one is roughly $30.00, I was stoked to snag this truck for about $7.00.  I am saving the dump truck for Christmas, as Cooper is in love with dump trucks and construction vehicles.  We can't drive by the corner they are building the new Lowe's without, "Ooooooohs," and, "Ahhhhhs," and squeals of joy.  I imagine him seeing it under the Christmas tree and running to it with lots of excitement and a grin from ear to ear.

The rest of the purchases are pretty great as well.

It looks like this Elmo's Teaching Bus usually rings in at around $35.00, and I believe I got it for a whopping $2.99.  It has become our go to car toy.  Each button either says the name of the letter, plays a little tune, or has a fun little saying.  I've noticed it has taken Cooper a little while to get interested in learning his letters, but he is slowly and surely coming around.  He and Elmo are just starting to get aquainted as well, so this toy was especially fun.

This Plan Toys Oval Xylophone is usually somewhere around $20.00 - $25.00 new, and I made the big purchase at $1.99.  I love this company, so even though I knew Cooper was a bit beyond this type of toy, I thought it was worth bringing it home for such a steal.

I couldn't quite find this Little Tikes keyboard's price after looking for a few minutes, but seeing as to how THIS comparable keyboard (along with stand and stool) is selling for around $60.00, I figure the keyboard alone would be somewhere between $20.00 - $30.00, don't ya think?  We ended up getting it for around $3.00!  It is the best!  Cooper just loves this thing.  His favorite button to press is Demo All.  It plays all the demo songs right in a row, and let me tell ya...he busts a move!  The little songs are so catchy.  We could just hang out and dance forever with this keyboard playing.  I imagine him being even more interested in all the features as he gets a little older as well.  There is a record button...oh the possibilities.

I am looking forward to doing a little more birthday and Christmas shopping for our little man soon and have a couple more stores in mind.  I hope you are inspired to think outside the box and find some treasures of your own!  Happy thrifting!

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  1. Well done on your great finds. And for bringing up your child to accept that 2nd hand is great as it leaves more money in your pocket for other stuff. I remember buying a £2 toy oven for my girl when she was two and my husband was a bit surprised to see me wrapping it for her Christmas, but of course she knew no different and we had it for years.


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