Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Morning Tea with Grandpa...So Blessed!

Super Duper C and my dad are sharing some morning tea after a fun slumber party!  Don't you love my Dad's crazy morning hair!  I have a picture of Dad etched in my mind from childhood...crazy morning hair, a mug of tea in his hand, an old, worn t-shirt tucked into his pajama pants (which were pulled up a little too high...sorry Dad!!!), ankles showing from shrunken flannel pajama bottoms (Really, can we just all agree that pajama pants are never long enough...or if they are, they shrink so much when washed...they are more like capris?!), and his moccasin style slippers!  There was always a smile and hug to go with this morning ensemble!

Having been a teacher and seeing the struggles that some kids have at home...or shoot...even turning on the news and seeing just how much devastation and hurt there is out there...I can't help but brim with gratitude, feeling so blessed to have loving, nurturing, caring, and supportive parents!  Not everyone has had the chance to know the joy of parents that take that title seriously.  I don't think I even realized the magnitude of my parents' love until after C was born.  Being a parent is a gift from God that not only strengthens us as people, but Also softens us as human beings.  I have experienced emotions as a parent that were not otherwise possible. 

My parents will never cease to amaze me, and I am ever so grateful to have experienced growing up with them, the opportunity to be their friend now as an adult, and the opportunity to have C experience their love and friendship too!

I love you Mom and Dad! 

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