Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just A Little Potty Update...

Well, he did it!  Cooper was completely potty trained before we left for Brian's family reunion in Minnesota on August 21st.  I was amazed.  Car parking facilities, airports, road trip, cabin on the lake...Cooper was a total potty stud at every location.  I was so happy for him, and he was so proud of himself.  Every time he had to go, he just loved making the run to the potty. 

On the day of the anual L family golf scramble, we even took a little potty with us in the golf cart just in case.  Cooper didn't miss a beat.  He had to go mid course, and we busted out the potty.  Potty life was moving along quite nicely.

However, we returned home from the trip on August 29th, and Mr. C, the potty expert I knew and loved, had vanished.  He was no longer consistent and seemed very uninterested.  It has only continued to get worse.  Seriously like someone flipped a switch.

So without letting myself get stressed about it anymore, we are just not making it a big deal.  I am initiating the process in the morning, before and after naptime, and night time, and I am encouraging him to let me know if he wants to use the potty at the start of the day and a few times throughout.  I'm not pushing it, but I'm not letting go of the idea all together. 

It was getting quite frustrating when we first got back, simply because I just didn't understand.  He seemed like a different person...potty training, behavior, attitude.  He's not even two yet, so it's not as if I have some huge expectation for him to perform or anything.  But to see him having been so successful, and then to see him just completely lose interest, I was so baffled!

Anyhow, the potty adventures continue.  The M&Ms are still around, C still gets excited here or there to use the potty, and he even tells me his buddies (his stuffed animals) have to go potty.  (We, of course, take the stuffed animals to use the potty, but I don't let them actually touch the potty!).  Even so, I think we have a long way to go. 

I need to pray for patience and flexibility (physical and parenting) more often!

Love you buddy.

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