Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Potty Training Progress

We had a very successful day in Potty Land. Up until now, potty training has been more of potty introducing. Cooper was interested, but not enough to initiate the process each time. I merely put him on the potty at key times during the day, and he gladly took advantage of the opportunity.

Today, however, was different. Cooper came to me many times, said, "Oh no," or, "No no," and grabbed his diaper. We then rushed to the potty, and he proceeded to use it. He even did so for a poop (I know, you are so excited to read about poo), which still makes him a little uncomfortable and nervous when doing so on the potty. This all brought lots of cheers, praise, M&Ms, and a few ah-hoos (Cooper's wahoos) with hands in the air.

He is initiating the process, understands he needs to tell me when he needs to go, and has the ability to hold it until the right time to use the potty. These aren't always working in conjunction with each other every single time quite yet, but we are definitely making progress. You go Cooper. You go.

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