Thursday, August 12, 2010

Minor Morning Setback

Cooper woke up today and used the problem.  We talked about it a bit, and I reminded him to let me know when he needed to go potty.  I also asked him several times throughout the morning, and he said no.  Then, I took him to the potty without his prompting, and he went again, no problem, but his diaper was wet. 

We had one misfire today.  No worries.  What will the rest of the day bring?

*Edited in the eveing:  We had continued success for the rest of the day!  Cooper rocked another afternoon of dry diapers and potty usage. This is exciting. It's even got me thinking, as I passed the diapers at Costco the other day, I wondered if I'd be buying any for a while. :)

I know that there are a select few who find the potty progress exciting reading material, and it is for you I am writing...well, you and myself. I am working on this blog being a fun way of recording daily happenings and milestones in order to look back on down the road.

Cooper, you are amazing us daily. You seem to be two steps ahead of us always and are blowing us away with your ability to learn and explore. We are so thankful for you. You make being a parent so much fun!

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