Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Little Worship Time for Cooper

Cooper grabbed the iPad, found the youtube icon, clicked on it, found the playlists, and chose Kari Jobe! Then he said, "Ooooh wow," and started dancing, clapping, and playing the guitar.

In the middle, he said, "Amen-ah," his way of saying, "Amen."  I thought he said, "M&M," and told him no more M&Ms. He looked at me funny and folded his hands, as when he folds them to pray with us. Then I noticed the screen.  Cooper saw people praying and worshiping on the video.  He was just trying to tell me about it!  Duh Mom!  I'm sure he wanted to say, pay attention...not everything I say or ask is about food.  And then he continued on...dancing and playing some awesome guitar.

This all led to one heck of a dance party for the three of us. It was the best, and Cooper was the cutest little dancer I have ever seen!
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