Sunday, April 18, 2010

Knucks To A Glorious Day

I love days and nights like this.

We celebrated with our church family today...10 years for High Pointe Community Church.  What a blessing to be a part of such a loving and genuine body of believers.  Our faith has grown tremendously, we've made lifelong friends, and we've grown stronger as a family.  We very much look forward to seeing what the years ahead will bring as we put our faith and trust in Jesus and walk along side our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Leaving church, there was an unfamiliar feeling in the air, in the car, on my skin...what was it?  It was sun!  Oh my was it a glorious day?!  The sun was out all day, and the warmth came right along with it.  I busted out my shorts.  I'm not joking.  For those that know me well, you know this is HUGE.  My white legs saw the light of day!  It was legitimately hot, and we loved it! 

We had burgers, we pulled out our lounge chairs for the deck, we busted out the soccer ball, rolled out the basketball hoop, we (upon Cooper's request for the lawn mower - he's a bit obsessed lately) mowed the lawn, and by golly, we even planted some flowers and rosemary.  This was truly a banner least for this time of year.  A sunny and warm day like this is a bit hard to come by around here, so we attempted to utilize every moment of daylight we could.  Seeing Cooper enjoy the yard and all the things that go along with that...exploring, playing, sports, neighbors, dirt, water...what a gift.  He makes days like this so much more fun and enjoyable for Brian and I. 

As the sun was setting,  Cooper and Brian made a few more baskets and I finished up planting some flowers.  Nothing too special.  I think they are a breed of petunias.  I went with shades of orange.  To be honest, I'm shocked there are flowers in pots at this point.  Usually, I don't make it to planting any flowers until July, when it's almost too late, and we can only enjoy them for a month or two.  I'm hoping these flowers thrive and grow strong so that we can enjoy them all through the spring and summer.  I've had the rosemary since my birthday in February, and finally getting it planted gives me hope for yummy things to come!

Putting Cooper to bed tonight was a bit later than usual because of our long, glorious day.  Sometimes late nights can go either way with Cooper.  Tonight was wonderful.  He squealed with delight as we headed for the bathtub.  Literally.  How fun is that?  Then we finished up, got into jammies, and made our way to the chair (the green gingham swivel rocking chair in his room that we have read stories on each night since Cooper's birth).  He went straight to Brian's lap (we try to both be a part of putting Cooper to bed as often as special!), and we read only one book, How Do I Love You? (or the owie book as Cooper likes to call it...there is a picture of a boy that has fallen off his skateboard and sits with a tear coming down his face and a skinned knee...and Cooper says over and over, "Ow, ow, ow, ow.").  This bed time routine time was wonderful and cuddley and quiet.  Then, Cooper pointed to his bed and said,"Ow."  In other words, time to head to bed and bring the owie book please.

After goodnight kisses and cuddles, bringing all his buddies into bed (his frog, his monkey, his giraffe, the owie book), and pulling giraffe up real close (giraffe is his angel dear animal blanket...his comfort item), Cooper lay down and asked us to cover him with the blanket.  One more kiss and, "I love you ," from me, and same from Brian. 

I had left the room and Brian was following, when Coop said, "Mom." Brian asked, "Do you want Mom?" and Cooper said, "Yeah."  I headed back in for one more snuggle.  Bending down, I rubbed his face gently (at which time he closed his eyes and smiled) and told him that I loved him.  I said softly that it was time to snuggle and cuddle and go to sleep.  He opened his eyes, looked up at me, smiled again, and lifted his fist.  He wanted knucks.  We touched knuckles and he smiled, content to bring his hand back in and wiggle and bury it under his body until it was in just right place.  He closed his eyes once again.  He looked so content.  I told him, "I love you," and headed out the door.  I heard, "Eye-ya," or "I love you," and that was that. 

I love this day.  I love my husband and my son.  I love the simple pleasures of a sunny day.

Knucks to a glorious day!  Eye-ya.

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