Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Nana! Fun at the Woodland Park Zoo

Happy Birthday Kathy!  We headed to Shoreline yesterday for an overnight adventure in celebration of Kathy's birthday.  Upon arrival, we had a fabulous dinner, followed by good times in the backyard.  It was the best, full of shreaks, squeals, and laughter.

On Saturday morning, we headed to the zoo.  I hadn't been to the Woodland Park Zoo in quite some time, so it was fun to get reacquinted with the animals that call this zoo home.  Cooper enjoyed exploring, and although the rain caught the tail end of our visit, our hoods and umbrellas kept us quite content.  Such a fun day!  :)

Cooper and Nana

Hilarious Bear...Loving Life

Intrigued By the Monkey Sculptures

Beautiful Elepant


The elephant is barely making an appearance here, but we thought it would be a fun family photo. Then we saw it. Cooper, we know what you thought of this photo! :)

Cooper was a little more friendly with the elephant sculptures than he was witht he monkeys.

He wanted to hang out with this one. When it was time to go, he waved goodbye to this elephant. They were buds.

This lion had a booger.  Cooper got it.

Icky Mama, Icky
Just Beautiful
A Little Fall of Rain (Les Mis Reference Just For You Brian!)

Just Before Saying Tootaloo to the Zoo...Cooper LOVED the Merry Go Round

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