Friday, July 30, 2010

First Night in the Toddler Bed

This was Cooper's First Night in his Toddler Bed/Converted Crib (July 29, 2010). Coop was so excited as we put it together and was helping Daddy by using his hammer and drill. He also had fun "losing" the screws as he would stick them in all the empty holes in the crib, and we would have to search around to find them. We must have lost them five times. You'd think we would have learned, but what can we say?!

Cooper has always been a good sleeper, sleeping through the night in his crib very consistently with the wake up and need for cuddles very rarely. This night was no different. He must have climbed in and out a million times, saying, "Me!" because he could do it by himself and, "Night, night!" because he was so excited to get to bed. Once the conversion was done, after much deliberation, he decided to do stories in our favorite chair and then walk over to his bed by himself and climb in (so huge, as before we would carry him over and put him in after story time). He climbed in, wanted all his buddies (his giraffe, lamb, and cow) to join him, and he got all snuggly. One last water refill, his fun light set on timer, the white noise of his fan going strong, some kisses and cuddles, and it was bed time in his new bed!

With the exception of his excitement about the new looking bed and being able to get in and out on his own, this was a joyous non-event. It was like he had done it all his life.

Yeah for Cooper growing up and experiencing a little change with an attitude of joy! You go buddy!

Now, if we can finally get your room painted....


  1. Could you two get any cuter? No. I love this picture. You two look so happy!


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