Wednesday, August 11, 2010

12:30pm...and Cooper's Diaper is Dry!

So, this morning, Cooper used the potty three times with success.  When we went up for nap time at 12:30, his diaper was completely dry.  We both smiled and cheered.  He was very proud and knows he's doing a great job.

Wow.  This is exciting!

*Edited 3:00pm: I went to greet Cooper when he woke up, and he was grabbing his diaper saying oh no. We went to the potty, and ta-dah...peepee in the potty! Dry diaper also. We changed it though just to freshen up a bit. 3pm and only on second diaper of the day. Cool beans!

*Edited 10:00pm: Cooper managed to keep a dry diaper all day long...ALL DAY! That kind of amazes me really. It was as if something clicked for him today. He initiated the process a few times, and so did I. We had major success all day, and Cooper was acting as if he knew what was going on.

Even with a late car ride home from my parents. My instinct told me to use the potty before leaving their house (even though we had just used the potty at our hosue), but because we were trying to hurry, and when I asked him if he needed to go, he said no, I didn't push it. While in the car, he got very wiggly and kept saying, "No, no, no, uh oh," with frustration. Brian and I explained to him that he had on diaper underwear, and sometimes if we're in the car and can't make it to the potty, it is okay to go potty in the diaper underwear. We encouraged him to hold it if he could and to keep his diaper dry if he could, but that if he needed to go potty, it was absolutely okay. He relaxed and said, "Yeah," all while nodding. He looked relieved. I even asked him if he went potty in his diaper and he told me yes. He was a little fussy from then on out, and we just thought he was tired. We simply tried to keep his attention and make it home quickly.

When we got home, I rushed him to the potty. It seemed a little ridiculous, as he was fussy and tired, and I thought he had already gone to the bathroom in the car. Even still, I thought it couldn't hurt, if only to make the point that you get to the potty as quickly as you can if you can hold it for a whole car ride. Low and behold, his diaper was dry, and he immediately went to the bathroom. He hadn't gone after all. We cheered and high fived, and he was all proud!

What a day! I think this boy is going to be potty trained much sooner than I thought. I don't know what to expect for night time, but hey, this kid has amazed me over and over. It's just fun to go along for the ride and figure it all out one step at a time.

Goodnight all! Blessings and hugs! Sleep well.

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