Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July...Tacoma's Freedom Fair

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Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July celebrations...whether it was a large shindig or an intimate gathering of friends and loved ones.  We had a great time at the Tacoma Freedom Fair and Air Show.  As we walked down to the waterfront from our car, many folks were camped out in their yards, getting ready for a good time.  It set quite a joyful mood.  Cooper enjoyed looking out over the water, people watching, and a few bites of my corn dog...with mustard of course.  We also enjoyed some corn on a stick and a delectible brownie mud pie.  Mmmmmmm.  In one of the pictures, he is actually smiling so intensely and saying cheese with such enthusiasm, that he looks quite pained.  :) 

Cooper got to see his first air show, which was quite intense and loud.  He learned a very important skill today...covering his ears!  This was the first time he has ever had to cover his ears, and he did so with the purpose and concern of someone that thought his life depended on it.  Those planes were so incredibly loud, and although they made him a little uncomfortable, we helped him cover his ears tightly (his hands, my hands, hooded sweatshirt...several layers helped with sound buffereing) as he powered through like a champ.  Go Cooper!  We felt bad for the family near us with a little one having a meltdown because of the noise.  It was sad. 

Joined by both sets of Cooper's grandparents, it was not too crowded to enjoy a stroll down the waterfront while perusing all the booths and yummy snack choices.  As we left, I saw that a house had a sign hung on their balcony...and it warmed my heart.  It said...Welcome old friends and new, our lawn is for you!  Doesn't that just embody summer, holidays, grace, and community?  I loved it!

When we got home, we made a fire and huddled around it for some yummy smores.  There was no stress, no expectations...just good ol' relaxed family time.  We all enjoyed each other's company while getting cozy and having great conversations.  Good times for all.  I am so thankful to have opportunities to share special memories with the people I love most.  I am truly blessed.

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