Monday, June 28, 2010

Run Cooper, Run!

We had a great time celebrating another cousin's wedding in Minnesota this weekend! Congratulations Ben and Liz!

Bummer that this is blurry, but we did not have our good camera with us. Cooper had great mohawky hair going on, and with a collared shirt and shorts, rolled up sleeves, and Converse, what better way to attend a wedding?! This is a picture of him outside the hotel where the reception was taking place. He had so much energy he needed to get out, so we told him, "Run Cooper, run!" He did!

Cooper and I stepped out for most of the ceremoney, as it was just proving to be impossible for him to contain himself! Once at the reception, he was so happy to eat a few bites and then immediately wanted to be held. Cooper slept in my arms for most of dinner, woke up just in time for a few bites of his chicken fingers and fries, and was ready for cake!

Yahoo for weddings! Yahoo for cute little boys that make going to weddings even more enjoyable!

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