Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just A Moment with Cooper

Every once and a while, I love to just take a moment with Cooper and enjoy him.  He is one of the most entertaining people I know.  He never stops...always busy learning, loving, discovering, and growing. 

He has never been one to "perform" or get cute and smile on purpose when we bust out the camera and ask him to do so.  Although (on a side note) for some time now, he loves to say, "Cheeeeeeeese!" and stare at the camera until he hears the click to signal the picture has been taken.  He is actually saying it so intently that it almost ends up not even being a smile, but a look of serious determination with teeth clenched.

It seems that there is always a genuine reason for Cooper's smiles and giggles.  Whether that reason is simply something fun and silly going on around him and/or because of him or rather, him exploring and learning something new, the smiles and giggles come often.

With that said, it might just be one of the most special feelings in the world when that reason, for the moment, happens to be me.

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  1. what a sweetie! i love the video, too. he's so cute!


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