Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Joy of Wednesday Mornings

I love Wednesday mornings.

As soon as Cooper and I hear the rumble of the garbage truck (even if we have just begun breakfast), we rush quickly upstairs to his room , open the window and blinds, place Cooper atop his bench for a perfect view of the street, and wait patiently for the garbage truck to arrive at our house. I can always feel the anticipation.

Upon pulling up to our house, our friend (the garbage man) looks for Cooper, smiles, and waves. He jaunts over to our garbage can and does his job. He sets it back on the curb and glances once again up at Cooper with another smile and wave, lingering just long enough to catch the excitement and giddy waves from my little man. Cooper shouts, "Hiiiiiiii! Hiiiiiii!" with such purpose and enthusiasm.

As the truck drives away, Cooper gets one more smile and wave from our friend, and Cooper shouts (thinking he has to be louder because the truck is pulling away), "Byeeeeeeee! Byeeeeeeeee!" He looks up at me, "All done?" "All done, " I say.

Pure joy being a part of this. Pure joy.

I am going to try to capture a picture of this soon. It is too priceless.

Edited 12-31-10 with pictures...

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  1. cute!! excited to hear about all your joys!

    so, to answer your blogger question, if i follow a blog, i get updates on my Reader List at the bottom of my Dashboard page, showing what blog posts have been recently added. however, if a blog is private, like mine is, the updates won't show on the Reader List, even if you follow it. i think it's silly that it works that way, but for some reason it does. with blogs like that, you'll just need to check on them to see if something has been posted.


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