Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Cooper!

My how time is flying.  Our little man amazes us daily.  God shares with us sweet, pure joy in being a parent.  I feel so very blessed.  

As we celebrate his very 1st birthday, I stop to reflect on just what a special young man he is!  He loves us so generously, he causes our hearts to overflow with gratitude, and he continues to show us a little bit of what God intended us to know about His love for us.

Hallelujah Lord for my precious son, Cooper.  We celebrate having experienced his first life and are so very thankful.  

Some of Cooper’s Favorites…

Our Sonicare toothbrush.  It’s the first thing he points to and wants to see when he enters our bedroom.  We turn it on, and as it vibrates, he puts it up to his mouth, shivering and giggling as it tickles his lips.  So funny to watch.

Phones.  He will smile and run to the phone when it rings.  When the phone is on speaker, he will smile at, kiss, and wave to the voices he hears.

Books.  You can tell he has his favorites.  When given the choice between two books, he takes a moment, surveys each, and clearly makes his selection. 

Giraffe Blanket.  Cooper has a small giraffe blanket that he loves.  It’s his night time buddy.

The Lion King.  The Circle of Life (Broadway version) became his favorite song when he was about 4 months old.  It never failed to calm, distract, or put him to sleep.  Now, he is mesmerized by the opening to the movie, as it features this song, along with the sounds and pictures of African animals.

Remotes.  Cooper is constantly trying to get at the Tivo remote.  Sometimes when we leave it within his reach, he looks around to see if we’re watching and gets so excited to pick it up.  If he knows we’re watching, he brings it right to us.  If he knows we’re not watching, well, we don’t know what he does with it…we’re not watching.  :)

Cooper’s Personality Traits…

Loving.  Cooper loves giving kisses and hugs…to his family members and his stuffed animals.  Sometimes he will run to us, just to give us a kiss or a hug.

Curious.  Cooper loves the vacuum.  At first, he was fine with it.  Then, he became terrified.  Slowly, he has welcomed the vacuum back into his life.  He stares at it, points at it, tells me all about it, grabs at it while I’m vacuuming, and loves to try to vacuum on his own. 

Observant.  Cooper is interested in all sorts of animals.  He recognizes and points to several when we ask him to do so.

Adventurous.  Cooper loves to explore the outdoors.  He especially loves the park near our house for adventures with sticks, rocks, and leaves. When in our yard, he loves playing with the green garden hose.

Friendly.  Cooper likes to smile at and flirt with fellow grocery shoppers.  Never fails to brighten a day or two.

Able.  Cooper walked when he was 7 months and 25 days old.  That is pretty early.  Now, he can run!  Watch out world!

Fun-loving.  Cooper loves to dance.  Where there is music, there is Cooper, bouncing and head banging.

Trusting.  Cooper likes to close his eyes tightly and open wide when we’re offering him food.  He’s so adventurous.  Seems like he’ll try anything.

Cooper in Action…

Cooper loves to watch us get a new bag for the kitchen garbage.  He gets the biggest kick out of watching us shake it to get some air into it and open it up.

Cooper loves to sit in our computer chair and spin around in circles.  Only a couple spins at a time…we don’t want to get him too dizzy!

Cooper will sometimes put on a show for himself when going down for a nap or falling asleep for the night.  Humming, singing, all sorts of random sounds from his lips and mouth.  It’s quite fun to listen. 

Cooper loves to play the drums. The wooden spoon and metal bowl are two of his favorite pieces to drum with. 

Cooper loves to boogy to the sound of the salad spinner and garbage disposal.  They make good music.

Cooper loves to stand on the couch and play with the light switch…on…off…on…off.

Cooper loves to hold long objects and push them around…almost as if playing shuffle board.  Maybe that sport will be his specialty.

Cooper loves to climb the stairs and go into each room for some investigating.

Cooper loves to hang out in our bed with us in the mornings on the weekends.  Snuggles, kisses, wrestling… good times.

Cooper loves making baskets in his mini basketball hoop and hitting balls with his baseball bat.

Cooper loves to hold our keys and go with us to get the mail.

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