Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Best Birthday Card Ever

So we were rocking out to Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday to You on my 30th birthday, as this song does get played many times over and over, inspiring many a birthday dance parties.  It was a low key evening, a nice dinner and yummy cake with my two favorite fellas, and we were enjoying each other's company as a family of three.  We celebrated with family later in the week.

Brian and I decided to get a little video of Cooper, after he had been showing great interest in the card I opened from him, via Brian.  Pretty much my favorite gift...opening and reopening the card and watching him enjoy the moment.  I wouldn't say this is the most amazing video ever.  I think I even snorted when my nose was running.  Oops!  A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.  But in that moment, amazing doesn't even describe how it felt to be Cooper's Mom.  Pure delight.  Hope you enjoy. 

Pay close attention to Cooper's facial expression as he slowly opens the card.

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  1. SO cute! Love his expression. Holly, I for some reason did not realize you turned 30 this year. Makes sense since Brian did too. Oops. I guess I thought you were 29!!! Happy 30th! And please accept my apologies. :)


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