Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A New Beginning...Joy in 2009

It seems that it's about time for a family update, as the last time I posted was just after Thanksgiving. It's hard to believe we have started a new year. Fall has come and gone, and we are parents to the most wonderful, happy, and darling baby boy. God exceeded our expectations and blew us away with the experience of welcoming Cooper in November, and we are truly filled with joy. What a sweet new beginning to 2009... no longer a family of two, but a family of three with our little man Cooper along for the ride. Happy 2 month birthday to Cooper today! We love you so very much!

We have been enjoying a snowy winter, and although we've been somewhat hermit like, soaking up as much of little Cooper at home as we can while he's still small and changing daily, the snow made it really easy to stay cozy and warm in our house and not venture out much. Although this weather can be a headache for some, Brian and I truly enjoy the winter weather and always welcome a good snowfall. Our street was a beautiful snowy white, and living next to the green belt made for a gorgeous snowy view of the trees. When we did have to venture out, driving around Puyallup was not the easiest task. Brian made it into work in Tacoma a couple times but was actually very fortunate to get to work from home with the snowy weather. It made for some extra special time with Cooper having both of us around during the day. Brian would come out of his office and snag Coop for little cuddle breaks. Also with this awesome weather, Cooper got to experience snow for the first time and didn't seem to mind it at all. Didn't quite fit in his snowsuit (it was a little big), but he enjoyed venturing outside with us all the same.

As the snow melted and the rains came, there was much flooding in Puyallup and the surrounding areas. Thankfully, we live on the hill and didn't need to be concerned. But my parents live in the valley, and the Puyallup river threatened to flood many homes nearby. The river did not reach the heights they expected, but it still did cause some flooding damage to many homes throughout the valley cities. Some neighborhoods experienced firetrucks going through with the loud speaker announcing, "Please evacuate." Not a fun time for them. Although my parents were not threatened by the Puyallup river so much, they would have been threatened by the flooding of Clark's Creek. Their neighborhood even got a "recommendation to evacuate" phone call, not a mandatory one. They ended up having standing water in their yard, and the addition Dad is building got some water going underneath. In the end, with some precautionary measures Dad took in using some fill dirt, they were just fine. We did have a plan though...they've got "people" on the hill.

We ventured out to cut down a Christmas tree in early December with Cooper (and Mom and Dad) and decorated the house for the holidays. Christmas Eve was spent with Brian's family up in Shoreline, and heading west from Minnesota, Alex, AnaLisa, little Andrew, and Karin all joined us. Cooper got to meet his cousin Andrew for the first time, and since Andrew is exactly one year older than Cooper (They share a November 13th birthday.), it was fun to see how much Andrew has grown and changed into such a sweet little boy since last year. After opening stockings in the morning, we ventured to Puyallup for Christmas day and night. Joel, Mickey, nieces Sydney and Rylee, and little David ventured from Seattle to join us, April, and the parental units for Christmas day. It's so fun to have little kids around, as the spirit of Christmas is truly evident in the joy of little ones at this time of year. How fun to spend time with all of our family members on such a special holiday such as Christmas. We are blessed to be surrounded with loving and generous family members who truly care for us and our sweet son. Cooper has literally been clothed, his room has been furnished, and his sweet cheeks have been kissed and cuddled by our family, and for that, we are truly thankful.

Cooper has been the joy of our lives since the moment he joined us. At this point, it's hard to imagine a life without him. He makes me want to be a better person, and I thank God daily for the gift of Cooper. His smile lights up the room every morning he wakes me up with his sweet noises and his cuddles melt my heart when I hold him close. He sure makes us both feel special as he seems to get a kick out of us when we're just hanging out. He's very curious and alert and loves to look around and hold his head up. It seems that recently, he has discovered his tongue and enjoys wiggling it and using it to suck on his hands. When Brian and I are not too tired, he especially enjoys great performances from us...songs, dances, and silly entertainment. We are enjoying every moment with this little man, even the moments when we've been pooped on or spit up on or squirted unexpectedly while changing him. He's a baby...what do you expect? He makes us laugh, he makes us shed tears of joy, and he has brought out qualities in each of us that have strengthened our love and respect for each other. What a blessings he is.

It's hard to believe how quickly Cooper is growing. Just the other day I was looking at pictures of the day he came home from the hospital. He was 8 weeks old, wearing the same outfit, and I took a picture. I am just amazed at the changes.

It's all still a little unreal...I can't believe I actually gave birth, have a baby, and am now a parent to a tiny little person. A little guy that brings me a level of joy I could not have imagined before he arrived. These last two months of my life have literally flown by so quickly. Although we wish he could stay this little forever, we are cherishing every moment and looking forward to getting to know Cooper as he continues to grow up into a young man.

We are so looking forward to starting 2009 as a new little family and are eagerly anticipating the adventures ahead. I will try to do a better job of updating our website more frequently. What can I say? When given the choice between computer time and hanging out with Coop, he wins every time. Much love to all of you. Check in with us when you get a chance. May you find so many reasons this year to praise God and truly feel joy!

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