Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

Well, still no baby as of right now. Just sitting...waiting...wondering...wishing...hoping...praying...

In the meantime, I can't stop thinking about pumpkin pie. I found a picture of a pumpkin pie I made from years past, and it made me so excited. I look forward to Thanksgiving second most of all the holidays (Christmas of course is my absolute favorite...and will never lose it's number one spot on the favorite holiday list). Not only do I love Thanksgiving for the wonderful meal that accompanies family time during a season of beautiful colors and a mindset of gratitude, but because pumpkin pie is in its prime time...obviously! Hey, I'm pregnant. What can I say? I can't stop thinking about food.

All the ingredients for pumpkin pie are lining the shelves at the store and usually go on sale right about now. Baking in the oven, the pies emit such a sweet, comforting smell of spices and seasonings throughout the whole house, implying the holiday season has begun. I usually smother it in freshly made whip cream, and then when you combine the smooth pumpkin filling with a light and flaky crust, a beautiful mix of textures is yours to enjoy.

 Since marrying Brian, I've been introduced to pumpkin pie with caramel drizzled on the top, which is a very tasty option, though I prefer the plain pie with a simple sweetened whip cream topping. I do especially love a pie with the little details that can make it even more special...cut out leaves to adorn the crust made with a perfectly ruffled edge (crust recipe courtesy of Mom and Dad). It's hard to imagine a more perfect ending to a fall meal.

I very much look forward to this Thanksgiving, as it will be the very first holiday we'll celebrate as a family of three, and the perfect opportunity to enjoy some pie. It's hard to believe that we will soon be responsible for a little boy and have the opportunity to be a part of him growing up into a man. I am so grateful for the example of parenthood we have in our parents, and I can only pray we can be such loving parents to our son....doing our best to instill in him good character, honor, respect, love, patience, joy...and a heart of faith. And of course, a love of pumpkin pie!

Hallelujah for beautiful fall, pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving coming soon, and the upcoming arrival of our son. Can't wait.

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