Sunday, November 30, 2008

Life with Cooper...the second week!

This will be a short post, as I don't have much time. But we enjoyed our second week with our son Cooper and thought we'd share a few photos. We love him so very much and although Brian and I are very sleep deprived, we are finding that every moment we have spent with Cooper has made it all worthwhile. He is growing so quickly and already seems like a little man. Hopefully as we get more sleep, we will be looking more presentable and picture worthy...right now, all we do is sleep, eat, and hang out on the couches. :)

Brian heads back to work on Monday, and I will be holding down the fort with Coop all by myself. I anticipate some more visitors this week, and I am also looking forward to making a few outings. I'm ready to not feel like a hermit any longer!

Click on the link for some pictures of Cooper. We love you all. Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving and found many reasons to be thankful this year.

Much love and many blessings,
Brian, Holly, and Cooper

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  1. What sweet pictures! I'm glad you're having so much fun with Cooper...don't worry, sleep will come and you will feel like a different person!

    He's so cute, Holls!


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