Friday, April 11, 2008

Life with Our Little Family of Three...Check Us Out!

Here we go. Our family of three makes its debut with our family blog. We look forward to sharing our lives with you, while hopefully helping you to laugh or smile along the way. This is our very first post, and the plan is to keep this fairly simple while posting lots of pictures and updates as our little man arrives.

Just to get us started, this picture is from our very first baby appointment on April 11, 2008. We were so excited to get our very first ultrasound and see our little one. We couldn't even wait to get home to take the picture, so there we stand...proud parents showing off our baby pictures in the parking lot. Our little one took the best picture.  It looked like there was a little peanut with legs on the screen.  So crazy!  While I was getting the ultrasound, our baby started dancing.  Literally danced a jig.  It was just the best sight.  This baby has captured my heart already. 

First family photo, and I am 10 weeks along.  Grow baby, grow!

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