Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hallelujah...We Have Progress!

Just went to my 39 Week appointment (I am two days into the 40th Week), and things seem to be moving along. Little Man's moved down a bit, and my body is showing signs of progress. Thankfully, I have moved on from the 1 cm I was two weeks in a row. While I was lying on the table, Dr. S was examining my baby belly and measuring my growth and said, "I think you're having a contraction."  I was shocked. Hey, I'm a first experience here!  Couldn't tell at all. It was a little tender to the touch, but it was not obvious to me that I was having a contraction. My belly had gotten hard, and then after a moment, had softened. (I'm just amazed with pregnancy.  What a miracle it all is...if you ask me!)  If that's how some of my labor will be...I'll take it. I'm sure I'll be in for so much more than that, but a girl can dream. Anyhow, I was very encouraged to know that this is all actually starting to happen, and he won't be living in my belly forever!

This Saturday, we will be celebrating B's 29th Birthday. Yahoo! We're hoping that our little man and B will have separate birthdays, and it seems that might be the case...but you never know. Fun for B to start out this next year of life as a father!


  1. My son says that Nov 11 is a mighty fine day to be born, PLUS, you get the day off from school forever!

  2. Hooray for progress! I remembering having my first contraction in the dr.'s office, too. It was so weird to have my midwife tell me I was having a contraction. I had no idea. It's a trippy feeling, huh?

  3. ooh exciting! I tell ya what, if progress happens rapidly and we up here in Shoreline end up getting a phone call in the wee hours of the morning with the great news - I won't mind :)


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