Sunday, November 30, 2008

Life with Cooper...the second week!

This will be a short post, as I don't have much time. But we enjoyed our second week with our son Cooper and thought we'd share a few photos. We love him so very much and although Brian and I are very sleep deprived, we are finding that every moment we have spent with Cooper has made it all worthwhile. He is growing so quickly and already seems like a little man. Hopefully as we get more sleep, we will be looking more presentable and picture worthy...right now, all we do is sleep, eat, and hang out on the couches. :)

Brian heads back to work on Monday, and I will be holding down the fort with Coop all by myself. I anticipate some more visitors this week, and I am also looking forward to making a few outings. I'm ready to not feel like a hermit any longer!

Click on the link for some pictures of Cooper. We love you all. Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving and found many reasons to be thankful this year.

Much love and many blessings,
Brian, Holly, and Cooper

Friday, November 21, 2008

Life with Cooper...the first week!

What a whirlwind of a week we've had with the arrival of our little man Cooper last Thursday. We have been so blessed by this time together as a family of three and can't believe how quickly time is already passing. Cooper has filled our hearts and spirits with joy and has given us so much to be thankful for each and every moment of the day. It is hard to imagine the love you have for your child until you experience it. Truthfully, not until we brought him home and have stared at his sweet little face for hours has this all seemed real. Since his birth, Cooper is our favorite part of every day, and we can only imagine it getting even better.

Our family has been so extremely generous, helpful, and supportive, and we have loved sharing in the joy of Cooper's arrival with them. The look on their faces when they hold him is something to behold. I now know the feeling of wonder as a parent when I look at his precious little face, but I try to imagine what it would feel like to see him grown up one day having children of his own. The renewal of life is an awe inspiring time for sure, and one that we are so thankful to have experienced with the love and encouragement of our parents and family members.

I am feeling great as this past week has given me some time to recoup and heal. The first few days and nights were...well, tough and at times excruciatingly painful (I had to get some stitches after delivery.). Though, on Monday morning, I woke up with a renewed sense of well being and a feeling that a breakthrough in the pain had come. Since then, each moment has gotten a bit easier for me, and I've been able to do a little more every day. I still have low energy from being anemic (and my doctor even asked me not to drive for two weeks), but that should subside as I take my iron pills. Brian has been a great Daddy to Cooper, but I can see the tiredness is really starting to hit him. He started back to work yesterday (Thursday) but is thankfully working from home for the next week to help with the transition of going back to work. On the Daddy front, Brian is still getting used to the task of changing poopy diapers, and I have seen great improvement in him with that. Cooper even gave him a little squirt last time he changed his diaper, and he dealt with it better than I thought he would. Yahoo! We are learning...

I think about my doctor and the nurses who took care of me in the hospital, and for them I am so grateful. It takes amazing people to do the job that they do. They sure made my stay and recoup time in the hospital bearable and manageable. You think you know what to expect, but you really have no idea until you get there and experience it. Even Brian was astonished at the whole birthing experience. I just couldn't have imagined what it would be like, but now having gone through it, it confirms for me the miracle of birth and the grace we have been shown by God as a result of Jesus Christ's death on the cross. We are so blessed and are given every opportunity to honor God with our lives, and with the arrival of Cooper, we pray that we will share this with him and raise him up with that in mind.

I am still working on finding a sleeping/feeding schedule that works well for Cooper, as he is a hungry little man. He weighed in at 8lbs 2oz at birth, 7obs 10oz going home, 7 lbs 13 oz on Tuesday, and 8lbs 2oz today (Friday). So he's already growing so quickly! We tried out a pediatrician that was recommended to us, and although he was very nice, we did not jive with his personality very well and went to a new doctor today. We liked him plenty and will stick with him. Cooper's personality is starting to show itself...he has a strong neck and loves to lift his head and look around, he makes the funniest faces, he's quite the wiggler (now I know what was going on in my the way, shocking that he fit in my belly), and he really only cries when he needs to be changed or when he's hungry. Happy 1 Week Birthday Cooper. We love you.

Alright, enough blah blah blah from me. Here is a link to pictures from our first week with Cooper. We look forward to every day to come and will update this site with little tidbits along the way. Much love and many blessings to you all.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

We Welcome Cooper Andrew

We are so excited to welcome home our son, Cooper Andrew. Cooper was born November 13th at 3:40pm weighing in at 8lbs 2oz and 20.5 inches long. Brian and I are thrilled and exhausted and enjoying the ride of our lives.

Here's a little photo story to fill you in on our labor and delivery adventures until there are brain cells working again to post some updates. Thank you for all the prayers, love, and encouragement you've sent our way. More to come.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our Due Date Has Arrived! Things Are Happening...

Well, today is the day...the day we are due to have our baby boy! Don't necessarily think it will happen today, but that's okay...things are happening...

For the past few days, I have noticed a couple things that signal labor being days or weeks away. That's encouraging just knowing that my body is naturally starting the process of giving birth on it's own. (Warning, I tried not to get too graphic at all, but just know that I am trying to be discreet while describing signs of labor. You may read something that isn't the most entertaining and wonderful.) First, this weekend up through now, I have been losing what they consider the "plug." That's all I'll say about that because no one needs to know the details. Brian gets the heeby geebies when I mention it. :) (Oh man, how will he be during labor? We'll just keep his face right up with me.) Also, my belly really looks lower than it has for most of the pregnancy, signaling that our little guy has been moving down and preparing his way. Over the past few days, I have also been experiencing mild contractions...the kind I had at the doctor's office, didn't realize it, and had to have my doctor tell me I was having a contraction. So things are happening...

Last night, as Brian and I were just hanging out for the evening, I was having more of these contractions, in a shorter period of time. (At least I know when it's happening now, and thankfully, they are not very painful.) My stomach just gets rock hard for a bit and then relaxes. It kind of makes the under side of my belly ache a little, but nothing to complain about. For all the ladies out there, I would describe them as very mild cramps, similar to those during "that time of the month." They were still pretty far apart in the scheme of things, but happening. Brian was getting excited, and we went to bed, this is may take some time, but this is happening. I had some of the same type of contractions in the middle of the night mixed with some extreme feelings of hunger as well. Eating some crackers that I keep by my bedside helped a little and I was able to fall back asleep. So things are happening...

Today on our due date, I have been lying down and resting because I am exhausted. For the past few weeks, I have been getting really inconsistent sleep, and it is making for one tired pregnant mama. I know that my body is just preparing for what is to come, but that is not making me any less tired. What's tough is that it is just making it really hard to want to get up and be on my feet...maybe do jumping jacks or climb the stairs...anything to get this baby moving along. Soon I will leave the distracting computer and head upstairs to do some light activity...a little laundry, a little cleaning...and maybe more napping. What can I say? I'm tired. I miss Brian when he's at work and always wish he was here, especially during this time of just wanting to be taken care of. There are a few other things that aren't for mentioning, but just make me think that things are happening...

So with it all...exciting! I haven't had any contractions this morning, I'm thinking because I've been able to rest. We will keep everyone updated as things move along...hopefully we will have baby in about a week's time or less. Crazy!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

Well, still no baby as of right now. Just sitting...waiting...wondering...wishing...hoping...praying...

In the meantime, I can't stop thinking about pumpkin pie. I found a picture of a pumpkin pie I made from years past, and it made me so excited. I look forward to Thanksgiving second most of all the holidays (Christmas of course is my absolute favorite...and will never lose it's number one spot on the favorite holiday list). Not only do I love Thanksgiving for the wonderful meal that accompanies family time during a season of beautiful colors and a mindset of gratitude, but because pumpkin pie is in its prime time...obviously! Hey, I'm pregnant. What can I say? I can't stop thinking about food.

All the ingredients for pumpkin pie are lining the shelves at the store and usually go on sale right about now. Baking in the oven, the pies emit such a sweet, comforting smell of spices and seasonings throughout the whole house, implying the holiday season has begun. I usually smother it in freshly made whip cream, and then when you combine the smooth pumpkin filling with a light and flaky crust, a beautiful mix of textures is yours to enjoy.

 Since marrying Brian, I've been introduced to pumpkin pie with caramel drizzled on the top, which is a very tasty option, though I prefer the plain pie with a simple sweetened whip cream topping. I do especially love a pie with the little details that can make it even more special...cut out leaves to adorn the crust made with a perfectly ruffled edge (crust recipe courtesy of Mom and Dad). It's hard to imagine a more perfect ending to a fall meal.

I very much look forward to this Thanksgiving, as it will be the very first holiday we'll celebrate as a family of three, and the perfect opportunity to enjoy some pie. It's hard to believe that we will soon be responsible for a little boy and have the opportunity to be a part of him growing up into a man. I am so grateful for the example of parenthood we have in our parents, and I can only pray we can be such loving parents to our son....doing our best to instill in him good character, honor, respect, love, patience, joy...and a heart of faith. And of course, a love of pumpkin pie!

Hallelujah for beautiful fall, pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving coming soon, and the upcoming arrival of our son. Can't wait.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Brian, You Are 29! Wow! I Am 40 Weeks Pregnant! Double Wow!

Well, it's hard to believe, but Brian is 29 years old! Happy Birthday to my Brian.  My how time flies. Seems like just yesterday we were two young whipper snappers (he he he) walking down the isle and just beginning our adventures together. We had fun celebrating B's birthday by having family over to our house for dinner and dessert. Alex, AnaLisa, Andrew, and Karin, we missed having you here with us! We had a homemade spaghetti dinner (one of our favorite dinners for family gatherings) with caesar salad and garlic bread, and ended the evening with yummy molten chocolate cake and ice cream. Yummy! That molten chocolate cake recipe is one of our favorites too! Thanks Kathy and Mom for helping me get the last minute prep finished and your help cleaning up after dinner! You sure know how to help a pregnant lady out!  I appreciate you and all you two do as our Mamas! Here are some pictures from the festivities.

Mom and Sydney.

Dad and Rylee.

Sydney helping Brian blow out the candle.

The nieces helping Brian open gifts.

April and Sydney, dancing and doing the robot.

Everyone hanging out.

Mickey and I, both very pregnant!

Brian and his parental units.

Equally hard to believe is the fact that we are 40 weeks pregnant now. We are literally days away! This pregnancy has absolutely flown by, and we just can't believe that the grand day of being parents is so quickly approaching. From my perspective, it seems like it took a whole flipping year forever to get pregnant and then to feel and look pregnant. Now, being in the 40th week of carrying this little man, my body is definitely showing signs of his departure.  So, we are filled with wonder, curiosity, and giddyness...anxiously awaiting every single day to see what happens.

I finally got a couple little stretch marks and was so bummed. It's really not that big of a deal, but making it all the way to the 40th week and then it happening...ahhh man. Oh well! What can ya do? If it means this little man is growing into a healthy boy, then bring on the stretch marks!  Our hospital bags are packed, and Brian just put the carseat in the car. Now is the hard part...waiting!

My due date is this Wednesday, November 12th, and I have a doctor's appointment scheduled for this Thursday. Will I make it to that doctor's appointment? We shall see...stay tuned to find out...

***Edited to announce that NO, I did not make it to my appointment!  Instead, Dr. Song met us at the help us welcome Cooper Andrew, born November 13th at 3:14pm.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hallelujah...We Have Progress!

Just went to my 39 Week appointment (I am two days into the 40th Week), and things seem to be moving along. Little Man's moved down a bit, and my body is showing signs of progress. Thankfully, I have moved on from the 1 cm I was two weeks in a row. While I was lying on the table, Dr. S was examining my baby belly and measuring my growth and said, "I think you're having a contraction."  I was shocked. Hey, I'm a first experience here!  Couldn't tell at all. It was a little tender to the touch, but it was not obvious to me that I was having a contraction. My belly had gotten hard, and then after a moment, had softened. (I'm just amazed with pregnancy.  What a miracle it all is...if you ask me!)  If that's how some of my labor will be...I'll take it. I'm sure I'll be in for so much more than that, but a girl can dream. Anyhow, I was very encouraged to know that this is all actually starting to happen, and he won't be living in my belly forever!

This Saturday, we will be celebrating B's 29th Birthday. Yahoo! We're hoping that our little man and B will have separate birthdays, and it seems that might be the case...but you never know. Fun for B to start out this next year of life as a father!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

39 Weeks Pregnant...Look At That Baby Bump!

Wowsers...November 12th is quickly approaching, and we are beginning to feel the urgency and sense of excitement that we are going to soon have a son. It's pretty crazy to think! We are thinking our little man might be a little late. I've been 1cm two weeks in a row now, so it will be interesting to see the progress this Thursday at my next appointment.

Anxiously looking forward to the arrival of our little one.  Still feels like a dream!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Baby Mystery Revealed: It's A Boy!

Hip, hip, hooray!  B and I found out on June 30th that we are having a boy! Woo hoo!  We anxiously kept the news to ourselves for a week and decided to surprise our family and friends on the 4th of July with a cupcake announcement!  We told them to expect either pink or blue frosting...and when they walked into the house...they were delighted to see a plethora of cupcakes slathered with blue rainbow chip frosting! They were over the moon to finally know (as were we), and it made for a great way to start off the 4th of July festivities!

By the way, those cupcakes were the best dang cupcakes we've ever tasted!  This ones for you little man!

Happy 4th of July all!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby, Baby...What's In A Name?

I'm about 17 weeks pregnant now.  The reality of pregnancy is finally hitting.  I'm so totally pregnant.  Really, it's true.  I have to remind myself.  It's awesome.  I love it.  I have been waiting for over a year for this (longer if you count my entire life of wanting to grow up to be a Mommy).  Thank you Lord!  Hallelujah!

I think naming this child will be my most difficult endeavor leading up to its birth (praying that physically and health wise, all things go smoothly for me and the babes.).  I was a teacher and have heard every name in the book.  That's not so bad, but with every name in the book comes a sweet little face.  Or a tough little face.  Or a messy little face.  Or a naughty little face.  Oh the faces that I visualize with each and every name.  And also, let's not forget this whole idea of giving our children names that have significant meanings.  My name, Holly, means...shrub or that significant enough?  I think it's all in the spunk in a name.  The personality of the one owning the name.  The name we choose is going to carry our wee one through its entire life.  Every person talking to our babes will address it by this name...the name we, adults, teachers, friends, potential wife or husband.  It will be spoken aloud at their wedding.  Some kids may poke fun at it or associate certain things to our child with this name. It can't be too stuffy or too childish, and I want it to have potential for great nicknames.  My goodness.  So many things to think about.  This is serious business, this baby naming business.  Hmmm...

So, the adventure to naming this wee one begins...I only have so much time.  I only have so much pressure I can put on the hubbs to make sure that any name lists we make are topped with my #1 choice time to brainstorm with the hubby on names.  :)

Here we go...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Life with Our Little Family of Three...Check Us Out!

Here we go. Our family of three makes its debut with our family blog. We look forward to sharing our lives with you, while hopefully helping you to laugh or smile along the way. This is our very first post, and the plan is to keep this fairly simple while posting lots of pictures and updates as our little man arrives.

Just to get us started, this picture is from our very first baby appointment on April 11, 2008. We were so excited to get our very first ultrasound and see our little one. We couldn't even wait to get home to take the picture, so there we stand...proud parents showing off our baby pictures in the parking lot. Our little one took the best picture.  It looked like there was a little peanut with legs on the screen.  So crazy!  While I was getting the ultrasound, our baby started dancing.  Literally danced a jig.  It was just the best sight.  This baby has captured my heart already. 

First family photo, and I am 10 weeks along.  Grow baby, grow!
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